No Ack Hosting


Cloud VPS from 70sek/month

Controlpanel for managing of the server

Full Root access

Console access

  • Servers automatic provisioned at payment
  • Easy upgrade of ram disk cpu and bandwidth
  • Based on KVM
  • Password for user is shown in panel when click on login details

All servers include: Monitoring Redundant network

Our network is : AS 30893

We are RIPE-LIR Redundant transit connections to multiple providers

All servers has SSD-Storage.

All our vps cloud servers are located in sweden.

Our backbone consists of 2 x 10 Gbit redundant connections to AS42708 and 2x10Gbit redundant connections to AS43893.

We host our servers at in Stockholm.

Payments with Bitcoin or Invoice paid by banktransfer

All prices is exlusive 25% tax in sweden. Eu is excempt as rest of the world.

We do have servers we not have on website. Windows machines etc is not automatic deployed and can be requested by register account and create a ticket.

BGP Sessions available


Our colocation services include a dedicated VLAN in our backbone with possible redundant connection.

Also we do assign a /29 as a minimum subnet for ipv4 and a /48 for ipv6.

Redundant power is available.

All servers connected to UPS and Diesel for secured power delivery.

If you have special needs as bigger ipv4 subnet, bgp routing, full racks or other things. Contact support before ordering.


Virtual Private Network 

Dedicated ip only for you as a user. Nobody else can use it.

We provide ipv4/ipv6 for our service.

No logging enabled on service.